Assistive Techology

Assistive Technology Device: Any item that is used to "increase, maintain or improve functional capabilities of a child with a disability.

Assistive Technology Services: Any service that "directly assists a child with a disability in the selection, acquisition of use of an assistive technology device

Intention of the law
If a student with a disability needs technology in order to be able to make academic progress, the school district will:
1) evaluate needs
2) Acquire necessary technology to TRY first and the purchase if appropriate and necessary
3) coordinate technology across the school environments
4) provide training

SETT Process
S - student
E - environment
T - tasks to be done
T - Tools to try to achieve tasks
It is a team process ( IEP team and A/T comittee)
The SETT process is a assessment tool used to look at the student's abilities and weaknesses within various routine settings and determining tools or strategies to help target the student's needs.

Anyone on the IEP team who works with the student throughout the day may make a referral to the A/T committee. ( see referral form). Once the referral is approved, a SETT team meeting is conducted. This is the beginning of the assessment process. The team will then develop an action plan to determine appropriateness of technology ( low, tech, high tech, service options). A trail period will be established with goals. Following the trail period, the SETT team will review and determine the success of the A/T that was tried. If successful, the student will continue with A/T or the team will recommend something different.

1) Parent education Network (
2) Parent to parent of PA (
3) PIAT ( Pennsylvania Initiative on Assistive Technology) 215-204-1356

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