History of Ridley School District

The merger of the Eddystone School District, Ridley Park School District, and Ridley Township School District established the Ridley School District on 1 July 1966.

A state-mandated merger
The Ridley Township Junior High School became “Ridley North”
The former Ridley Park High School became “Ridley South”
Additions to Ridley High School referred to as the “A: Wing and the “B” (or “Stilted”) Wing
The construction of a new Ridley South Junior High School behind the existing facility and the demolition of the building that was once Ridley Park High School
Close of the Ridley North Junior High School and the repurposing of that building into the Ridley Community Center
Graduation was held for the first time on the Phil Marion Field instead of inside the Sun Center at Feltonville
Movement of the ninth grade into the high school
Middle school concept, reorganized Ridley Junior High School into a facility designed to serve grades 6-8
State-of-the-art technology financed through a community bond issue
High school initiated the 6-day cycle schedule
Grades and attendance were transmitted directly from classroom computers to an administration building
District creates Wide Area Network (WAN) to access the Internet
Teacher training in techniques such as cooperative learning, technology integration, learning accommodations, and at-risk students
High school moved to intensive scheduling
Paraprofessionals were hired to handle non-instructional duties
Facilities feasibility study
Middle school addition
28 August--Class of 2002 first to attend classes in the new building
16 September--the dedication ceremony for the new Ridley High School
3 November--dedication of the area designated for the outside flagpole memorial
High school stadium artificial turf installed
Middle school stadium renovation
Digital Learning Platform created
Kindergarten through grade 12 1:1 technology initiative
Grace Park Elementary parking and driveway renovation
High school stadium renovation
Middle School auditorium and gymnasium seating replacement
Edgewood Elementary HVAC upgrade

The Origin & History Of The Ridley Raider Nickname

The Ridley Raider nickname is a source of pride within the communities that comprise our district. This is largely due to the great successes our athletic teams over many years. The first graduation of the newly merged Ridley Township High School, Ridley Park High School, and Eddystone High School took place in 1966.

The Class of 1968 commissioned the bronze sculpture of the Native American person that is currently mounted in the Great Hall of the high school as a way to show respect and remembrance to the indigenous people who once occupied the Delaware Valley. It was 3 years later, in 1971, that the Ridley School Board of Directors dedicated the sculpture, which was mounted in the lobby of the current community center. The adoption of the Native American mascot is believed to have happened at this time. Mascots being associated with sports teams in general did not become popular or regular until just a few years prior to this.

As a nickname, the Ridley Raiders have been around since the very early days of the Ridley Township High School, with the first written reference occurring in the 1946 Ridley Township High School Yearbook, The Archive. “The title, ’Green Raider’ is as much a part of Ridley Township High School as is the Archive. As everyone knows, the eagle is a famous raider. Therefore, what is a more fitting symbol for the Green Raiders of Ridley Township? We have followed this idea by presenting the eagle on the cover and on the pages throughout the 1946 Archive as a basic theme. The planning of the Archive around a definite theme is a new trend in our yearbook, and we hope that we have set a precedent worthy of being ensued for years”

While the Native American imagery was used in conjunction with the Ridley Raider nickname, the practice officially ended during the 2003-2004 school year. As part of a project, the Student Government Association contacted the Lenni Lenape Nation, currently located in the Lehigh Valley, to inquire as to whether or not the use of the imagery was offensive to them. Because their response was affirmative, the use of the logo in any official capacity was ended. In the next few following years, various efforts for sports boosters clubs continued to use the Native American logo on various items being sold for fundraising purposes. Since then, it has become increasingly rare to see this logo in use, and at no time does the Ridley School District condone or support the use of this imagery. Of the 86-year history of the Ridley High School, the Native American imagery and mascot were used for about 30 years. Even during the height of its popularity, the Ridley Rockin’ R logo was used on most sports teams’ uniforms. Reference to the "Green Mystique" has also been used.

What is the true meaning of a Ridley Raider? Whatever you want it to be. In the 1930’s and 1940’s, the population of the American Bald Eagle in Southeastern Pennsylvania was very strong. The eagle is among the most ferocious creatures in nature, watching from high above, swooping in to raid it’s prey. For some, a raider can be a pirate, a Viking, or a soldier. For others it can be a ship. In Ridley we encourage you to define what it means to be a Raider in any way you like.

School Colors: Forest Green and Pure White
School Team Nickname: Green Raiders
School Logo: The Rockin' R

Ridley Rockin' R
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